Hello! I’m back after a few months of abandoning this blog, haha.

I have time management issues and apparently life’s been taking quite a toll. In April, I’ve embarked on my new journey in tertiary education! Never did I expect, about a year ago, that I would end up pursuing my dream course. School life’s been exciting and tough at the same time. The thing about being in a polytechnic is that the environment, the people you meet and the goals you set are way, way different from how it was in secondary school. It’s quite refreshing actually. 

I adjusted my mindset to do my best in whatever I do in my course, so I could get my diploma and then proceed to further my studies in a local/overseas university, Insya Allah. I always believed if you have a passion for something, nothing could hold you back, and you just have to give it all you have. 

The arts have always been my passion, other than language. I guess i’m more of an arts, cultural, linguisitic person in that sense. I believe these aspects make people more humane, that’s why i fell in love with it. And I always wanted to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone, be challenged and pushed to the limits so i gain nothing but triumph, be nothing but grateful, receive nothing but give back. And i thought being in a polytechnic, pursuing a course in Arts Business Management would provide me that experience. I’ve no regrets, so far. I don’t intend to. 

I’ve had to make a lot of tough decisions, learn a lot of skills, write a lot of things and voice myself out like never before. You see, poly life allows you to do more than just the academics, it somehow allows you to be, you. There’s just so many opportunities for the next three years and beyond laid upon me. It has broaden my horizon, opened up my eyes, my brain to so many things about the world and life that I’ve never learned before. Life just always surprises you with opportunities and chances.

I just have to learn to breathe, and take a leap of faith, and embrace it. 



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