Back to reality


So, the haze has slowly lifted from Singapore and the sun is shining brighter and

school is undeniably here again for the new term. (yay)

To be honest, when I reflect back on what i’ve been doing so far in school and my progress, it’s not the best that I have done, but at least i’m still trying. My first term was packed with assignments, volunteering, CCAs and SU-FOC related activities and it’s been a ride, nonetheless!

I just have to remember that I promised myself to work hard and do well in whatever I do Insya Allah to get a good enough or excellent GPA. I just need to re-motivate myself. I will not give up so easily and hopefully become more mature, hardworking and responsible. I need to re-evaluate my studies and refocus into what i’m doing so i don’t fall back or lose track.

There’s so many things to juggle right now. Reality has now laid down upon me. I need to breathe, and face it all once again.



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