My journey with Adiratna

Back for my 3rd post today.



It’s been  a fruitful 6 months with these bunch of girls. And i’m glad I got myself into this. I initially contemplated between continuing Malay Dance or joining Dikir Barat, and i think i made the right choice of trying something new. I enjoy singing and also doing dance movements and dikir incorporates all those elements of art, although we move while sitting down haha. I really learnt a lot of skills like coordinating the song with the ragam, match-pitching, singing from the stomach, loudly but on pitch, and also team work. Dikir Barat is not as easy as it looks. Being in PSS competition was a great experience and exposure to me.

I’ve also met a wonderful bunch of girls whom I’ve grown to love. Seniors, alumnus and us babies haha. And i’m currently improving myself as a juara. It’s tough being a frontman too cause your voice has to be, as quoted by our mentor “lovely” and there’s a lot of lenggok to traditional Malay songs which i’ve yet to master. 😡 But I’m slowly learning from Nasyiba, the best juara, who is also really humble and is an ABM senior of mine. I’m also glad I have Kak Cik as the tukang karut, my partner. I’m mostly glad to have all of the girls to support one another.

Our first “Babies only” performance was at Westwood Sec, on the eve of Hari Raya. I was super nervous, we all were. It was our first performance, so I didn’t expect too much haha. We also got help from the paluan side by Umar and Isma from Satria Sukma 🙂


Our second performance was at Tiong Bahru CC, which was organised by my grandad, so I kind of helped coordinate it haha. I guess it was much better than the first, and alhamdulillah we were satisfied. 🙂 (and there’s always room for improvement)




And recently, we did a combined performance with Satria Sukma for a showcase during The Origins Camp.

I pray we have a more fruitful journey ahead, to better ourselves as one Adiranta. Love you girls ❤


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