What i’ve been up to

Why hello there!

I finally found the time and energy to blog again after a few months haha. Well it’s the semester break now, and this 2 months holidays is about to come to an end next week. Gosh. How time flies?

I seriously thought I could do so many things in the past 2 months, but half of my to-do list is still unticked. However, I did do a lot of other things during this semester break, which I am proud and happy of!

Let’s summarise what’s been happening in these past few months.  (I’ll elaborate in upcoming posts, Insya Allah.)

– I’ve been temporarily motivated to keep fit (haha) So I went jogging weekly at Montreal Green with all the makciks and aunties wearing saris and all. It’s fun to go jogging alone, trust me.  And I did workouts at the comfort of my home. Sadly my motivation was short-lived in the following months.
– Went to my first NP event; NPSU FOC and it was the BEST CAMP EVER!! Really love Bravicii, my first family in NP. ❤
– I also met Hidayah, the girl who shares the same fate as me (bfs in IJ) hahaha glad we met at FOC babe.

– Started school around mid-April, where I had to attend HMS CSOP for 3 days. I really like HMS, it’s filled with genuinely nice people.
-I joined dikir barat, under the Malay Cultural Club, if I haven’t mentioned. We are called Adiratna, and these girls are the greatest bunch of sisters i can ask for in NP ❤

– Been attending many shows and exhibitions for my assignments and also for my personal leisure. Assignments have been a huge burden, but i’m glad I’ve managed to pull through.
– Did a lot of (mandatory) volunteering too at the National Museum for Children Season.

– I went to NPSU’s Challengers Camp which only lasted 2D1N due to the terrible haze. But it was fun though!
– Volunteered at the Malay Heritage Centre for Movie Nights! It was an interesting experience, i’ve always dreamed of working there one day haha.

– Participated in my first dikir barat competition (Piala Suara Serumpun) where i played as awok tengah.  I think my dance background made me enjoy doing the ragam in dikir haha. The results wasn’t as good as the past, but still satisfying, Alhamdulillah.
– Volunteered for Singapore Dance Theatre’s ‘Ballet Under The Stars’. To be honest, not one of my favourite experiences cause I didn’t really favour the way I was treated as a volunteer cause of the food mishaps. It was during the fasting month, so if you’re a Muslim you’d understand. I only managed to catch a bit of the ballet performances since my duty was FOH (sigh), but the atmosphere there was nice.
– I finally met my half-sister, Iman Najwa, when I had iftar at my grandmum’s place with my dad and stepmum and all. Shes’ a treasure. 🙂

– Semester ended around mid-August.
– Had my first performance as Adiratna’s juara (frontman) @ Westwood Sec. I was super nervous, audience could tell haha.
– The next day was already the 1st of Syawal = $$$ + asking for forgiveness + tears.
– Went back to my kampung at Pontian, JB, during National Day for Raya haha. I miss my kampung so much.
– Celebrated Atiqah’s birthday by going to NMS for Liechtenstein exhibition with some of the T01 peeps then went shopping!
– Mugged for INTCA exam at RP’s library after months of not mugging haha. RP’s library is super conducive.
– Mini celebration for Nisa’s bday at RP since we were still studying. Hope you liked it babe.
– INTCA exam was tough but quite manageable though.
– Celebrated NP Dikirs’ August babies birthday (which includes me!). We were bashed at Hasib’s condo then had bbq and jammed through the night. It was a wonderful day.
– Jalan Raya with NA friends in sec school together with Durrani.
– Jalan raya with Adiratna
– Jalan raya with MCC
– Went thrift shopping for the first time with bestfriend at Sungei Road. So satisfied!!
– Dinner @ Eighteen Chefs with Bravicii which was followed by my birthday surprise at the Chambers hehe! (HUGE CARD + CAKE YAY)
– I turned 17 on the 30th August!! And Durrani and my girls became such sweethearts by surprising me under my block with cake and a helium balloon, planned by him. Then he proceeded to ask my mum for permission to take me out for dinner (AAAH). So him being wonderful took me out to dinner @ Zam Zam in Arab Street, then we went for maghrib prayers @ Sultan Mosque, and then proceeded to the Singapore Night Festival. Most beautiful night 🙂
– Had our second “babies only” performance @ Tiong Bahru CC, co-coordinated by yours truly heh. More satisfied with that performance than the first, alhamdulillah. 🙂
– My confidant turned 18. Love you Fateen Nasyitah ❤

– Jalan Raya with “RGS” during the last bits of Syawal hehe
– Got my GPA for Sem 1. Alhamdulillah, better than expected. 🙂
– Bragi Chalet was quite nice, only went there for half a day so haha.
– Went out to eat a lot
– Origins Camp was quite nice, learned a lot and made new friends hehe
– TCP Empowerment Camp was awesome!! Love my mentors and lovely #teamsouthafrica!!!
– Had a movie + catch-up session at my house and then proceeded to Sembawang Park with my 4 favourite girls weehee ❤

– HOT Annual Bonding Camp was awesome cause of Durmstrang!! #thewinningteam “Treasure, that is what you are”
– MCC Lepak 2.0 @ ECP was great too! One of the most enjoyable days with them.
– Karaoke + pizza sesh with Bravicii @ Bryan’s place. It’s always a great day whenever it’s with them hehe

Well October has still recently begun, and sadly school is starting on the 16th sigggh. But Poly life has been great so far. I think it’s one of the most life-changing decisions i’ve made.

I’m still mentally preparing myself for the long ride ahead.

xx, silmi


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