Maybe one day I’ll find you, and we can build our dreams together.

But for now, I’ll build my own.Create my own memories that I can one day share with you.

I’ll discover new places and meet new people. Travel and eat new food. Fall and pick myself up. Learn how to cook and sew and decorate my own abode. Bring myself closer to God. Create a life that is ready to be shared with someone worth letting in.

And one day i’ll share with you all my experiences, good or bad. I’ll uncover all the little secrets and stories, all the battle scars I’ve hidden from the world. Cause then I’d be sure I have someone to share the life that I have created for myself. Then I’ll be ready to bring you into my little world.

Where we can recreate those memories, or define our own. Till then, my love, I’ll be alone. And patiently waiting for the day that I finally meet you.

And we’ll be an eternal union, destined for bigger things, together. Destined for Jannah, Insya Allah.

Till then, assalamu’alaikum.