It’s funny how dreams work. If i’d time I’d actually research about it and it’s relativity to reality but unfortunately I don’t. (Maybe I’ll write another post when I do)

But lately my dreams have got me thinking a lot. I kept dreaming of a person of the past, someone who was once significant, or probably still is, at the back of my mind. My dreams usually do not make sense, but they were still vivid and somehow made sense, about how I feel/felt.

I’ve been keeping myself really busy to rid off thoughts of you, but now you’re creeping into my dreams. And every detail of my feelings and emotions were shown so explicitly in those dreams. It felt so real, like it was a forgotten reality.

I haven’t seen you for months. In reality you’re gone, but in my thoughts you’re still there. Ever-existing and refusing to leave. It’s easier said than done, to forget. As a girl it’s virtually impossible. Every facet of my memories (of you) are still alive in my head, replaying at the back of my mind, subconsciously.

This is ridiculous, but it’s still affecting me in ways I can’t explain. But I have more important things to do.

Till then, assalamu’alaikum.